I am L.I.F.E. 888 

   Living In Full Excellence 

Like many people, I too have been in a place of feeling "stuck" such as; having to overcome substance and sexual abuse which resulted in feelings of inadequacy. With the help of God, I was able to let go of the past and really live my life in the present. I realized that as long as I held onto my past, I couldn't move forward. Therefore, I could not obtain the goals that I wanted to achieve. 

At the age of 25, I became a single mom and this is when the will to fight and to succeed kicked in. I now had to provide for my daughter. A few years later, I got married, yet within a few years my husband passed away. I knew I needed a career, and not just a job, so I became a licensed Medical Massage Therapist. I quickly discovered that I was great as a life coach ( which at the time I didn't know what this was called). Later on, I became a certified coach to enhance what already came naturally to me.

Although my clients came in for a massage, it was very apparent that not only was a great massage anticipated by my clients; but this also became the time for most of them to want to "catch up". I realized I had been gifted the ability to help, inspire and encourage others to obtain desired results and outcomes for their dreams and goals.   

Greetings, my name is Nicole Thornton and I am your L.I.F.E. coach  

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